Our Story

Sale of the week is one of Ontario’s largest paid consumer membership programs and is a household name in the communities in which the company started. As the program grew and became more successful we were approached over and over again by people just like you who wanted to bring sale of the Week to their respective towns – and thus we now publish our coupon programs in 12 cities across the greater Toronto area.

Message from the Founder

Sale of the Week is a fun and rewarding business. It’s the type of business model that in one way or another can reach nearly everyone within your community. One of the most rewarding things about this business is the gratitude that both advertisers and members show because they love it so much.

We do what we do because it’s fun and in turn we’re good at it because we enjoy it. By creating happy merchants and customers we’re adding value to the communities we serve and ultimately making a difference in the lives we touch.

I invite you to learn more and get to know us, because the secret to getting ahead… is getting started.




Our Promise

At saleoftheweek we will listen and we will embrace change to earn your loyalty with the goal of building long term relationships. We will provide you with the highest standard of professionalism based on trust, integrity, knowledge and serviceability. We will continuously build and improve our merchant services and anticipate your needs and provide you with the best service for your family and friends. We will treat you and your family as our own and will engage in transactions which benifits all whom it affects.

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